Multiparametric MRI characterisation and guided biopsy of the prostate in men suspected of having prostate cancer










Purpose of the trial

The trial looked at determining the usefulness of two procedures; a type of MRI scan called multiparametric (MP) MRI, which is a high definition MRI scan, and an ultrasound-guided biopsy procedure. The researchers hope that the result of the trial will help reduce the number of biopsies needed to diagnose prostate cancer and tell the difference between serious and less serious cancer.

We invited men to participate in the trial who may be at risk of cancer of their prostate. Participation in the trial was entirely voluntary.  

The participant was free to take part or to withdraw from the trial at any time without giving a reason or without affecting medical care or their relationship with the medical staff.

The results of the trial will be used as part of an MD (Doctor of Medicine) degree by our consultant radiologist/principal investigator.

Who reviewed this trial?

The trial was reviewed by the East of Scotland Research Ethics Committee 1. The committee raised no objections for medical ethics.

All information in this research, together with any relevant medical records, are available for scrutiny by monitors from the University of Dundee and NHS Tayside. The monitors role is to check that research is properly conducted and the interests of those who took part are adequately protected.

What happens to the information collected?

All the information collected is stored securely on a password-protected computer and database(s) at the University of Dundee. Specified members of the research will have access to this information to manage and maintain the database. 

The information is kept securely at all times. After five years at the end of the trial, identifiable information will be removed, and the rest of the anonymised information will be kept for research purposes. 

The information which identifies participants will not be published or shared. Your anonymise study information may be shared with other researchers. 

You can find out more about how we use research information collected on the links below;

or by contacting Research Governance, Tayside Medical Science Centre (TASC), 01382 383900 email